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Bourassa, Fran and Mary M. Sharma. (1997)
 The Second Stage Support Group: Moving On from the Abusive Relationship. Details of the progress and outcome of a second stage group conducted at Emily Murphy Transition House.

Brockman, J. and D. Chunn, editors. (1997)
 Proceedings of the No Disclosure Workshop. A discussion of strategies designed to ensure the successful implementation of Bill C-46 (the production of records in sexual offence proceedings).

Chambers, Susan. (1998)
 An Analysis of Trends Concerning Violence against Women: A Preliminary Case Study of Vancouver. This report outlines the assumptions and methodological issues underlying the recent decline in police statistics on cases involving violence against women. It contrasts these statistics with others, and with the views of front-line workers.

Charlesworth, Sonya. (1999)
 Constructing Abuse: The Experiences of Mothers and Court-Ordered Child Custody and Access Assessments. A study that examines how the presence of abuse within a parental relationship is investigated by mental health professionals in child custody matters.

Dempster, Helen. (1995)
 The North Island Network to Resist and Heal from Violence. This report documents the lack of resources available for women survivors of violence living in the Comox Valley and nearby rural areas of BC.

Denike, Margaret and Sal Renshaw. (1999)
 Legislating Unreasonable Doubt: Bill C-46, Personal Records Disclosure and Sexual Equality. An analysis of the impact on health and social service providers of legislation concerning the production of records in sexual offence proceedings.

Dosanjh, Raminder, S. Deo and S. Sidhu. (1994)
 Spousal Abuse in the South Asian Community. A research report focusing on the experiences of immigrant and refugee South Asian women who have experienced violence. The report draws from interviews with 15 South Asian women and identifies the barriers that women face in accessing services and support.

Enarson, Elaine. (1998)
 Responding to Domestic Violence and Disaster: Guidelines for Women’s Services and Disaster Practitioners. This report summarizes a study of disaster preparedness in domestic violence programs.

Ericksen, Janet, et al. (1997)
 Breaking the Cycle: A Parenting Guide for Single Mothers of Children Who Have Witnessed Domestic Violence. This, the first of two reports, suggests techniques to achieve a healing and supportive environment.

The 411 Seniors’ Centre. (1998)
 The Feasibility of Seniors Counselling Seniors Experiencing Abuse: A Community Needs Assessment. A research project on ways the 411 Seniors’ Centre could better serve the needs of abused seniors.

Frank, Sharlene. (1996)
 A Needs Assessment for an Aboriginal Women’s Transition House. A report documenting the need for a First Nations transition house serving Northeast Vancouver Island.

Hare, Jan. (1997)
 Building Healthy Communities: An Aboriginal Family Violence Resource Guide. An analysis, outline, and directory of resources available to BC First Nations peoples.

Henderson, A., J. Ericksen and S. Ogden. (1997)
 The Parenting Support Group for Women Who Have Experienced Abuse: Facilitator’s Manual. This, the second report in the series, is directed to facilitators of support groups for single mothers whose children have witnessed violence.

Hopkins, Jon Leah. (1995)
 A Yukon Pilot Project on Men’s Violence against Women. This report focuses on the lack of services and the barriers to accessing services for Aboriginal women in Whitehorse, Yukon, and nearby rural communities.

Jiwani, Yasmin. (2001)
 Erased Realities: The Violence of Racism in the Lives of Immigrant and Refugee Girls of Colour A juxtaposition of Canada’s obligations as defined by international human rights instruments, with the lived realities and impacts of policies in Canada on the lives of racialized immigrant and refugee girls.

Jiwani, Yasmin. (2001)
 Intersecting Inequalities: Immigrant Women of Colour, Violence & Health Care A report focusing on racialized immigrant women who have experienced intimate violence, and their access to, and encounters with, the health care system.

Jiwani, Yasmin. (2001)
 Mapping Violence: A Work in Progress. An examination of the dimensions and realities of violence in intimate and systemic contexts, with an emphasis on factors that contribute to the vulnerability to violence of specific groups of people.

Jiwani, Yasmin. (1998)
 Violence against Marginalized Girls: A Review of the Current Literature. An outline of commonalities that structure and impact the lives of marginalized girls.

Jiwani, Yasmin, with the assistance of Susan M. Brown. (1999)
 Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Girls and Young Women: A Review of Select Literature and Initiatives. Second Revised Edition.
This literature review suggests there are many factors that facilitate the trafficking and sexual exploitation of young women, both internationally and within Canada itself.

Jiwani, Yasmin and Lawrence Buhagiar. (1997)
 Policing Violence against Women in Relationships: An Examination of Police Response to Violence against Women in British Columbia. Front-line workers’ experiences of police response are used to outline the inadequacies of existing policies on violence against women.

Ladha, Azmina N., editor. (2003)
 Re-Righting Reality: Young Women on their Search for Self. An anthology of experiences written by girls of all ages.

Moore, Shelley. (1998)
 Mapping Resistance on the Body: Intersections of Violence, Anorexia, and Bulimia in Girls. A review of the current literature on anorexia and bulimia in relation to the gender-specific experiences of girls during childhood. More:

Philippine Women Centre of BC. (1997)
 Trapped: Holding on to the Knife’s Edge – Economic Violence against Filipino Migrant/Immigrant Women. This report profiles the plight of Filipina domestic workers, and the factors that contribute to their vulnerability to violence and exploitation.

Purvey, Diane B. (1995)
 Not so Peaceable a Kingdom: A Preliminary Guide to Selected English-Canadian Theses on Violence. The historical changes in how violence has been framed, understood and researched are documented.

Purvey, Diane B. (1996)
 Violent Matters: An Annotated Guide to Selected Canadian English Language Magazines, 1945-1960. Magazine articles dealing with domestic violence are reported on and analyzed in this guide.

Sniderman, Barbara. (1996)
 Research in Action. (Video – $35)
This video documents a gathering of community-based researchers and advocates from around the province, working on issues concerning violence against women. The participants discuss the barriers they have encountered in raising awareness and mobilizing their communities around violence issues.

Suleman, Zara and Holly McLarty. (1997)
 Falling Through the Gaps: Gaps in Services for Young Women Survivors of Sexual Assault. This study examines the experiences of young women survivors of sexual assault who face the failure of service agencies to provide meaningful assistance.

Wilmshurst, Susan. (1997)
 The Violence against Women in Relationships Policy: A Pre- and Post-Policy Examination of the Outcomes of Spousal Assault Reports in Penticton, British Columbia. A comparison of outcomes of spousal abuse reports one year before and one year after the implementation of British Columbia’s 1993 Violence Against Women in Relationships Policy.