Violence Against Women and the Law

Family Violence and Evolving Judicial Roles: Judges as Equality Guardians in Family Law Cases
The Honourable Donna Martinson & Professor Emerita Margaret Jackson
Published in the Canadian Journal of Family Law, Vol. 30, Issue 1 (2017)

Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth: An Examination of the Canadian Approach to Criminal Restitution in Case of Sexual Violence (January 2016)
By Michelle Lawrence, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria

Risk of Future Harm: Family Violence and Information Sharing Between Family and Criminal Courts – Final Research Report
Research Project – Canadian Observatory on the Justice System’s Response to Intimate Partner Violence (January 14, 2016)
The Honourable Donna Martinson & Dr. Margaret Jackson

FRENCH version: Le risque de préjudice futur : La violence familiale et l’échange de renseignements entre les tribunaux de la famille et de juridiction criminelle

The following Study Leave Report was submitted to the Chief Justice of Ontario and the Canadian Judicial Council by the Honourable Justice Bonnie Croll of the Superior Court of  Ontario in 2015: “The Intersection between Criminal Law, Family Law and Child Protection in Domestic Violence Cases”.  The report was written by Justice Croll along with three of her law students and cited in the final RISK paper by Martinson and Jackson. It is now publicly available here.
Croll, J., The Intersection Between Criminal Law, Family Law and Child Protection in Domestic Violence Cases, May 8, 2015
Appendix A – F. Yao, Statistical Analysis
Schedule B – B. Staats, Evidence and Disclosure Issues
Schedule C – K. Warren, Best Practices When There are Concurrent Criminal and Family Law Proceedings


Risk of Future Harm: Family Violence and Information Sharing Between Family and Criminal Courts – Research Project – Summary of Findings and Conclusions
Prepared for the Fifth B.C. Justice Summit (November 2015)
By the Honourable Donna Martinson & Dr. Margaret Jackson

Risk of Future Harm: Family Violence and Information Sharing Between Family and Criminal Courts – Discussion Paper
Dr. Margaret Jackson & The Honourable Donna Martinson (January 2015)

Cross Border Parental Child Abduction – Social Context Issues
The Honourable Donna Martinson & Melissa Gregg (May 2014)

Children’s Legal Rights to be Heard in Cross-Border Parental Child Abduction Cases
The Honourable Donna Martinson (May 2014)

The Canadian Approach to Direct Judicial Communication: Making Concurrent Proceedings Involving the Same Family Operate Effectively
The Honourable Donna Martinson (May 2014)

Independent and Impartial Parenting Assessments: The Legal Framework and Best Practice Issues
The Honourable Donna Martinson (December 2013)

Judicial Leadership and Domestic Violence Cases: Judges Can Make a Difference
The Honourable Donna Martinson & Dr. Margaret Jackson (2012)

Domestic Violence Program Development for Judges – April 2012 British Columbia Community Consultation Report
The Honourable Donna Martinson (2012)

Myths and Stereotypes in Family Law
The FREDA Centre (2014)

Note: The Honourable Donna Martinson’s presentations can be found here.

Violence Against Women

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Violence Against Minority Women

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Violence Against Girls

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Policies and Actions

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