Addressing the Complexities and Implications of Anti-violence Service Delivery in British Columbia (with the Ending Violence Association of BC)


This study, funded by the Ending Violence Association of BC, and conducted by researchers at the FREDA Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children (Simon Fraser University), was designed to explore the complexities and time-related challenges associated with anti-violence service delivery in BC. The research involved interviews and focus groups with 22 participants: 9 key informants (e.g., program managers) and 13 front-line anti-violence workers with 10 or more years’ experience in the sector. In addition, the researchers updated a chronology of significant events (e.g., new legislation, policy, guidelines, funding cuts) in the anti-violence sector during the 30-year study period to determine important shifts in legislation and policy that may have had an impact on practices within the sector.


The full report can be accessed online at EVA BC’s website.