Reviewing the court harassment of women who are involved in custody and access disputes (with the Vancouver Association of Women and the Law). This project is complete, with the following final reports available from the FREDA Centre:
– Charlesworth, Sonya. (1999) “Constructing Abuse: The Experiences of Mothers and Court-ordered Child Custody and Access Assessments.”
– Goundry, Sandra. (1998) “Final Report on Court-related Harassment and Family Law Justice.”

The impact of disasters on services for women survivors of violence, a joint project of the BC Institute Against Family Violence and the Centre for Disaster Preparedness. This project is complete, with the following report available from the FREDA Centre:
– Enarson, Elaine. (1998) “Responding to Domestice Violence and Disaster: Guidelines for Women’s Services and Disaster Practitioners”

FREDA frequently convenes round-table discussions with front line workers, academics and policy makers to discuss policies impacting on survivors of violence, as well as to discuss recommendations emanating from inquests and inquiries stemming from particular violence-related incidents. These recommendations are forwarded to the relevant federal and provincial government departments.