National Research Day 2012 /
Journée nationale de la recherche 2012

Date: November 7–9, 2012 / Du 7 au 9 novembre 2012

Location: Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel (Vancouver, BC / C.-B., Canada)

Host: The FREDA Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children


Conference Archives / Archives de conférence:

Thank you to our partners, EVA BC, BCSTH, and the Canadian Observatory, and to all the volunteers and participants who made the National Research Day 2012 conference such a success!

Conference Programme / Programme de conférence: NRD2012 Programme

Conference Presentations / Présentations de conférence:

Presentations are listed alphabetically by first author last name, with session number and presentation title.*

Keynote Presentations / Présentations invitées:

Beverley Jacobs – Restoring the Balance: Empowering Aboriginal Women

Concurrent Sessions / Sessions concurrentes:

Arseneault (2d) – Action for Change: Increasing the Capacity of Women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence to Build Healthy and Safe Lives for Themselves and their Children

Arseneault (5d) – Mental Health and Intimate Partner Violence

Artz (3c) – A Comprehensive Review of the Literature on the Impact of Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence for Children and Youth

Baker (1e) – A Community Response to Abuse of Vulnerable Adults

Balbutin (1e) – Building Community Bridges: Outreach to Older Women

Currie (3b) – BC’s Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons

Currie (3b) – Trafficking in Asian Women: Local and Global (AWCEP)

Currie (3b) – Panel Speech, National Trafficking Conference (AWCEP)

Dmytro (2c) – Adolescent Girls’ and Boys’ Perceptions of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Early (5f) – Forensic Nursing: A Different Health Care Response to Violence

Edinger (1c) – Do Policies Effectively Respond to the Safety Needs of Women Impacted by Violence?

Fabian (1d) – “If I Can’t Have You, No One Can”: The Gendered Construction of Criminal Harassment

Faucher (2b) – Une violence insidieuse: les filles et la cyberintimidation

Gaisenok (3c) – Youth Against Violence: Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls

Gaspar Pereira (2b) – Behind the Issue of Sexual Violence in Italy

Goddard (5d) – Girls Speak Out: Understanding Violence, Substance Use and Mental Health Related Service and Support Needs Among Girls and Young Women in British Columbia

Gurm (4e) – Coalition Against Violence in Relationships

Heavener (1c) – Provincial Office of Domestic Violence – Taking Action on Domestic Violence in British Columbia

Janssen (5f) – Prediction of Repeat Visits by Victims of Intimate Partner Violence to a Level I Trauma Centre

Kaur (1e) – Safety Lens: Increasing Safety for Immigrant, Refugee and Non-Status Women Leaving Abusive Relationships

Kelln (1f) – Differences of Our Needs

Kelln (1f) – Caregiver Abuse of People with Disabilities

Kelln (1f) – Where are the Caregivers?, a Continuation

Legacy (4e) – Transforming the Pedagogical Boundaries: Community Based Education-Research Advocacy

Martinson (5e) – Concurrent Court Proceedings: Judicial Coordination and Harmonization

Misic (3f) – Relationships and Sexuality

Nancarrow (1c) – Quasi Criminal Domestic Violence Laws: Australia’s Primary Response to Intimate Partner Violence and its Unintended Consequences

Nathoo (4d) – Imouto Housing for Young Women: A Supportive Transitional Housing Program in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Nixon (5b) – Challenging the Notion of Failure to Protect: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Protective Strategies of Urban and Northern Abused Mothers

Novakowski (4e) – Women Victims of Domestic Violence Being Arrested

Redd (2d) – Healing, Resilience, and Recovery

Ruebsaat (5e) – Life Trumps Privacy: Disclosing Information in High Risk Woman Abuse Cases

Russell (2e) – What Women Need from Police and Prosecutors to be Protected from Male Violence

Safinuk (2d) – The Impact on Female Sexuality from Emotional Abuse and Emotional Sexual Abuse: A Qualitative Analysis from the Healing Journey Study

Shaw (5b) – Adolescent Girls’ Experiences of Unwanted Intercourse and Unintentional Pregnancy: A Retrospective Study

Tavcer (3e) – Facts and Figures in Alberta: Understanding the Crime Funnel Effect of Adult-on-Adult Sexual Assault

Tomlinson (5f) – An Integrated Service Delivery Model to Address Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Tutty (2c) – How Mandated Men Perceive the Responsible Choices for Men ProgramTutty (4c) – The Long-term Impact of Four Canadian Healthy Relationship Programs

Wells (3c) – A Primary Prevention Approach to Reducing Domestic Violence in Alberta

Wong (3f) – Take Back the Net: Technology Training to Enhance the Safety of Women, Youth and Children

Young (3f) – Women Survivors of Sexual Violence and Partner Abuse: Exploring Transformative Learning through Social Action Participation

Poster Presentations:

Gill – Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre: Who we are and what we do

Lesieux – CRI-VIFF: Overview and Examples of Current Research

Rossiter – The FREDA Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children: Research in Action

Thandi – “This is a Man’s Problem”: Strategies for Working with South Asian Male Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence

* Please note that only presentations submitted for posting are included here.